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Psalm 100 by Pastor Kevin Feder

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth. So Says Psalm 100:1. It seems simple enough. At face value this is a familiar phrase in the Psalms and when I hear it, I tend to know what it means without giving it much thought. Today, however, I am tasked with writing a devotion on Psalm 100, so I need to find something to say that is worth reading. Thus, I slow down a little bit and examine the Psalm more carefully.      There are a few interesting points to ponder. First of all, the Psalmist calls for a joyful noise. Initially when I hear this Psalm, my mind automatically interprets that as a nice song, maybe by Chris Tomlin or an ancient hymn. However, the Psalm doesn’t say “sing a joyful song unto the Lord” it tells us to “make a joyful noise.”       In other words, the qualifications of our response to God is much broader than merely singing, it includes any number of ways noise can be made. Good thing the noise is specified, for the word ‘noise’ conjures up things that are anno…
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Evangelism is about Who and What We Know

In his classic, little booklet Born to Reproduce (Navpress, 2005), Dawson Trotman writes, “Soulwinners are not soulwinners because of what they know, but because of the Person they know, how well they know Him, and how much they long for others to know Him.”
The only word I would add to this quote is “primarily” so that it would read like this: “Soulwinners are not soulwinners primarily because of what they know…” I agree that the most important thing in soulwinning is knowing Jesus, indeed, Christianity is not essentially informational but rather relational. However, what we know about Jesus matters very much, even if it flows from the fact that we know him.

For instance, if you were to say that my mother came from the south of France, stood 4-feet 8-inches tall, and worked most of her life in the textiles industry, I would be quick to tell you that you were not speaking about my mother. My mother was from Missouri (pronounced Mazura), stood 5-feet 6-inches tall, and worked most of he…

Worship Songs - March 24, 2019

We post these worship songs leading up to the worship service so that parents may listen to them in the house or in the car within the days leading up to the worship service. Our hope is that children will hear the songs prior to and it will prepare them to participate in worship on Sunday mornings.
Your Name
Lamb of God
Before the Throne of God Above
Who You Say I Am
Let Your Kingdom Come
Holy Spirit
Trust and Obey

-- Sermon Title: By This We Know
Sermon Text: 1 John 2:1-6

Making Disciples For The Glory of Christ

Our Rock in the Storms of Life

Every so often I think of the top ten things I want to do before I die, but one thing that’s never made the list is huddling in a small closet with my family and dog, praying that God will spare our home, our lives, and more importantly, our faith and joy in him no matter what the outcome. But that’s exactly what happened a few years ago.

A violent storm had hit our town. It pushed over power-poles, snapped trees like they were twigs, and damaged or destroyed around 100 homes. In fact, one of the families in our church sustained severe damage to their home—about half the roof and a portion of the back of it were ripped away and they were displaced from their home for several months.

As hard as that was, another family from the same neighborhood was hit even harder by the news that their ten-year-old daughter died when their house collapsed. As difficult as it was for that family to lose their home, it must have been unbearable for them to lose their precious child.

It probably won’t surp…

The Unity of the Father and the Son in Salvation by Pastor Charlie Handren

Over the last two weeks we’ve taken a close look at John 10:27-28, and we’ve learned a few things about how salvation works and what it does in the lives of those who believe. This week we need to ponder one more question, namely, how can Jesus so confidently make the promises and claims he made in these verses? Jesus answers in John 10:29-30, “My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them [my sheep] out of the Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.”      First, he says that his Father has given his sheep to him. In other words, Jesus’ authority over the sheep and his stunning gifts to the sheep are ultimately rooted in the authority and benevolence of his Father.      Second, Jesus says that his Father is greater than all, and while the Jews may have objected to Jesus calling God his Father, they would have agreed that no one is greater or more powerful or more capable or more faithful than God. Therefore, since God is so great and…

Three Reasons Why Angels Should Matter To Us by Pastor Kevin Feder

If you are like me you probably don't give a whole lot of thought to angels. Personally, there are other areas of theology that are more interesting to me. If I am honest, and obviously I am because I am a pastor, I believe other things have more relevance as well. 
Angels are invisible, mostly, but they shouldn't be forgotten or ignored. We should also strive to come to a better understanding of them from Scripture. This leads me to my next point, which is this: Scripture talks about them which should tell us that God desires us to know something about them. 
As I pressed into this topic a little bit more I realized I didn't have a great amount of knowledge about them. I mean, I know a few things. I know they are not made in the image of God but they are still intelligent and rational beings. They are servants and messengers from God. I know Satan is an angel and the leader of the demons who seek to destroy the works of God. I know angels guard and protect believers in Chri…

Do Not Pray for Easy Lives!

Somewhere along the way I picked up this quote from Phillip Brooks: “Do not pray for easy lives! Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be a miracle.”

Several years ago I was going through some difficult things, and though I don’t remember the exact words I used, I prayed and asked God to get me out of the situation. My sense of the Lord’s response was this: “I don’t want to get you out of this, I want to develop you in this.”

And that is precisely what he did. He developed my faith, my ability to persevere, my hope, my character, my ministry skills, my trust in the Word of God, my commitment to prayer, my willingness to seek and heed the wise counsel of others, my ability to foresee and head off similar problems in the future, and many other such things. What I saw as a problem from which to flee, God saw as an opportunity in which to develop me and bless th…