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God Displays His Beauty While Lifting Heavy Burdens by Pastor Kevin

I know I am a little bit overweight. My doctor tells me so. The mirror that I look into affirms it and the scale (that I mostly avoid) reminds me every time I step on it. All of that makes what I am about to say so much more impressive. I had the privilege of sitting on the beaches of Florida's Atlantic coast for 8 days on our most recent family trip. For me there is something magical about the beach, especially on the Atlantic side with the waves washing up against the shoreline. We have been lucky enough to find a sleepy beach town to vacation at. A nook, if you will, that typically features retired folks or families with kids. Out of the way of those who want to party, the beach is truly a relaxing place for me.  Let me tell you something that I gleaned this time around that never quite landed on me. This last week it landed on me, almost literally. My son Ben and I are the more adventurous specimens in the Feder five. We actually get into the salty water where there are jelly f
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Marks of A Healthy Church: A Biblical View of Evangelism By Pastor Kevin Feder

 When I first saw this title I said to myself, "oh no." Probably because evangelism perhaps highlights one of the weakest weaknesses of Glory of Christ Fellowship. Perhaps you might disagree, in that case it's possible that you have been faithful to practice evangelism by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with unbelievers. Good for you. I for one can grow in this area and I long to see the day when many people will come to know Christ and convert to Him through the witness of GCF.  On the other hand, before I beat myself up too badly or set unrealistic expectations it is important to get a working view and understanding of how evangelism should mark the church. Let me say a few things about it. First of all, if you are looking to do some reading let me highlight a few good resources. Mark Dever wrote the book titled The Gospel and Personal Evangelism.  I have not read it but have only heard good things about it. If you are looking for a more theological treatise on the s

Marks of a Healthy Church - A Biblical Understanding of Conversion by Pastor Kevin Feder

 Maybe you are like me and find yourself surprised by learning that a biblical view of conversion is a key mark of a healthy church. Not that we should't prioritize a biblical view of anything, but we could say the church should have a biblical view of everything, right? Why single out conversion as a key indication of a healthy church? Furthermore, conversion seems like something that might be hard to detect. For instance, practicing communion and baptism are tangible and obvious, something you can clearly hang your hat upon. A church's view of conversion, this is less obvious.  If it didn't go through your head, it did go through mine. Let's start with an operational and clear view of what a biblical view of conversion is. Here is a definition from a strengthened version of the 1833 New Hampshire Confession of Faith.  We believe that Repentance and Faith are sacred duties, and also inseperable graces, wrought in our souls by the regenerating Spirit of God; whereby bei

Should Women Bear The Sword? By Pastor Kevin Feder

  Over the past two weeks at GCF we have and are devoting ourselves to the discussion on gender roles. We believe that gender roles are rooted in creation as a part of God's glorious design. It will inevitably sound archaic and sexist to modern sensibilities that men are primarily called to assume sacrificial responsibility characterized by leadership, protection and provision while women are primarily called to be helpers characterized by nurture, gentleness and caring. Yet, we believe this is what the Bible seems to clearly suggest. Scripture itself is clear in Genesis 2:18 that Adam needed a helper, so God created Eve who was fit to his specifications, and he to hers.  Creation itself self-evidently bears witness to the beauty and goodness of male and female complementarianism. The anatomy of males and females work together to create new life, for instance. And speaking of anatomy and physical attributes, simply by looking at the female form it is evident that she was constructe

25 Ways Parents Provoke Their Children To Anger By Pastor Kevin Feder

I will provide Lou Priolo's list of 25 ways parents provoke their children to anger. Beneath that I will comment on the top ten in the list.  25 WAYS PARENTS PROVOKE CHILDREN TO ANGER List created by Lou Priolo Lack of Marital Harmony Establishing & Maintaining a Child-Centered Home Modeling Sinful Anger Habitually Disciplining While Angry Scolding Being Inconsistent with Discipline Having Double Standards Being Legalistic Not Admitting You’re Wrong & Not Asking For Forgiveness Constantly Finding Fault Reversal of God-given Roles Not Listening to the Child’s Opinion or Not Taking His or Her “Side of the Story” Seriously Comparing Them to Others Not Making Time “Just to Talk” Not Praising or Encouraging Your Child Failing to Keep Your Promises Chastening in Front of Others Not Allowing Enough Freedom Allowing Too Much Freedom Mocking Your Child Abusing Them Physically Ridiculing or Name Calling Unrealistic Expectations Practicing Favoritism Child Training with Worldly Method

Announcements February 14, 2021

Announcements Pre-Service Prayer: If you are interested in a regular opportunity for corporate prayer you are invited to join Pastor Kevin at 3:30 p.m. (for 20 minutes) on Sunday afternoons prior to the worship service. Please contact pastor Kevin if you are interested. Seminar: Critical Theory, February 20: What is critical theory? How does it impact the church and our culture? Come hear about how this significant worldview shift is widely being embraced and is threatening the purity of the gospel within the church that Paul calls his people to defend (2 Timothy 1:13-15). Recommended ages 13 and up. Saturday evening, February 20. 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Living Waters Church. Please notify Pastor Kevin if you plan to attend by Wednesday, February 17. Vote On Elders: We have selected March 14 as our date to vote on prospective elders Jesse Daas, Erik Aleckson, and Phil Thompson. The vote will take place after the conclusion of the worship service. In order to vote you must be a mem

Marks of a Healthy Church - A Biblical Understanding of the Good News by Pastor Kevin Feder

I am beginning to ask my kids about how they see the gospel presented in the various sermons and lessons they sit under. My 16 year old daughter goes to a Wednesday morning outreach ministry led by a faithful servant in the community. This man’s heart is to see the youth in the community know Christ and shepherded by Christ. God has done an amazing work through him and some 300 kids show up to eat breakfast and hear the gospel presented. My own daughter has convinced four of her unchurched and unbelieving friends to participate. I ask her how it went and ask for the ways the gospel was presented. My desire is for her to be good at spotting it so she can reiterate it to her friends.  Truth be told, I am also training her to be discerning. It isn’t infrequent that large youth ministries degenerate into moralisms cloaked in some biblical themes. Thus, there is a real need to discern between the message of Jesus crucified, buried and risen to overcome sins and the message of try harder, d